Press Release

Missouri couple Angelia and Leroy Hulsey, Interviewed by Megan Lain KRCG

It is Monday, July 2, 2018. We are sitting out on the terrace, in our backyard near the pool, mid day with a warm breeze blowing enjoying iced tea. The kids will be coming into town for the Holidays soon and we are excited for their arrival.

As the news team sets up, miss Lain asked, ” How did you  come to be what you are today? As a child, at age 12 or so I was introduced to the working world. I took a job working in a restaurant as a dishwasher after school and on the weekends. The owner of the business took a liking to me and began to tell me stories of his youth when he began his working life. What he had done rite and what he would have done different had he the chance to do it all over. This man had an aura about him that was simply mesmerizing, I hung on every word of these stories of his life. As I got older, the lessons John would teach my with his stories would have a much deeper lesson of life to them than in previous years. He said,” Leroy, I know you will become a man of great wealth because of your eagerness to serve others unconditionally.” John went on to say,” Many men that I have known in my life who have created great wealth started life with what most would consider menial jobs only to discover a larger lesson of true life therein.” My words of wisdom to you, for true wealth and happiness in life is to find what you love to do and do it, and you will never work another day in life. You will live a life few men will even dare dream of. As I have traveled this journey called life John’s words to live by always near I discovered I really enjoy connecting with people, helping people in any way I could. Then one day I was presented with an opportunity from a friend of mine, what if there was a way you could help every person that you came in contact with to improve themselves? To enrich their life on any and all levels. To experience life on there terms. On that day I was introduced to Network Marketing and my life was never the same. Who new that a person could earn a living helping people help themselves. I had found my calling in life.

Now, we are just everyday folks who were presented with a question. What do you really want out of life? A question I must admit that had never been asked of me or my wife, we have always given unconditionally in all areas of life, at work, church, our children’s schools. What ever was asked we would eagerly step up and deliver. If it was needed to be done, we just did it. Yet the question was ever present, what did I want in life? There had to be more than  just getting by from payday to payday. But how would an every day guy like myself achieve the wealth that John had seen in me so very long before? Was it to come into existence?

So we turn back time to November 2013, I was invited to an opportunity meeting of the home based business type. Network marketing came into my life, at this time in life I did not possess the knowledge or skills to actively pursue my new lot in life but I quickly was exposed to every self help guru on the planet. And for my hard earned money they promised to instill all that I lacked to be successful. Yet the whole term of “self help” (ie.. helping one’s self) This presented my dilemma. I felt that I lacked these necessary skills to be successful to the degree that I felt I needed in my new chosen career, I half-heartedly pursued it. I did however have a little success, for the new venture I had become involved in came a built-in training course. I had learned enough to know, find someone who was successful in what you wanted and learn what they did and you to can be successful also. Fortunate for me this brought a team of people who would teach me to teach my self with wisdom from the ages that stands the test of time and delivers far more than anyone could even imagine. A journey of self discovery to a life very few are even aware of. In my journey I have come to know true power, freedom and life to an extent far greater than can be described by words alone. I live my dream life everyday. I get to connect with people in all walks of life, all over the globe. I earnestly desire more in life, therefor I give my best in all. Everyone brings their own unique god given gifts to this journey, few obtain the power to recognize and therefor utilize these wonderful talents. In the chosen field that I love, I get to share with people an opportunity for a better way in life, more money, more time with the people they care about and less in taxes. I share hope to say the least Through my consistent efforts pursuing my dream job, I cashed weekly checks of $ 3,000.00 before Christmas of 2014. Business is exploding, by August of 2015 there is more than 15,000 agents in my business and my income has more than doubled, life is great! I am in the flow, everything I see in my minds eye transcends effortlessly into existence.  Angelia and I finally took our dream cruise to Hawaii, a 17 day adventure on a one of a kind ship and had the time of our life. We got back home Dec. 21, 4 days before her birthday.  On Feb. 22, 2016 we moved into  our dream home that we personally designed our self, 5 over sized bedrooms w/baths in each. A nice sized family room for get-together with family or friends. The grand kids really love the pool and enjoy the sleep overs in the tree house in the back yard. The real luxury that I enjoy beyond words is time, I spend time morning and night in silence to reflect on ways to better serve my wife, my business and people in general. I continue my study of self discovery, to never stop growing and serving. I promise to always find the good in my self and others and help in anyway I can to pass on my vision to my kids and to their kids. Life is a blessing meant to be shared with all.


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