Week 19

I was at a meeting the other day and was making my way around the room. I find myself wanting to meet and talk with all who are involved, both in my personal business and those that who are in other groups. As an eager observer, I gain immense pleasure from all the tidbits of the lives of others that occupy this rock we so lovingly call Earth. As I made my rounds it didn’t take long to see that as I moved from person to person that a group of 8-10 people had started to move the same direction as I. At first glance it seamed as if they were following my every move. This was kind of odd to me. I was at this meeting with a handful of people that I had invited from my little home town, some had even caught a ride up with me. While they were busy enrolling and putting a game plan together, I was as they put it, “Doing my thing” making the rounds. I went the meeting to get better acquainted with the CEO of the company, to get my feel for this man, eye to eye. Maybe a few minutes of his time. As the night progressed it was I who ended up in awe with the CEO asking me for a couple minutes of my time. We talked for a while then I had to get going. Lets put it this way, there will be a lot more people looking to enroll with the MKMMA in the future.


Week 18 ” A matter of perspective “

Through this journey we call life many exhibit their dissatisfaction in the way “Life” is. They have what my dad and I call ” The old dog syndrome.”

Here it is. A door to door salesman of back in the day was making his rounds in one of the many towns on his route. He came by a house where two older gents were siting on a front porch in rocking chairs, just passing the day as some folks do. On this porch with the two men was a big ole dog who appeared to just be laying there, not doing much of anything. Ever so often the dog would let out a little moan of discomfort. Not one of dire pain, but just enough to let the men know he was not enjoying this time of companionship. As the salesman made his rounds through the little town, he couldn’t help but notice the ole dog and how he would let out the little moan’s of discomfort. This really bothered the salesman so he told himself, after he  had made his last call of the day that he would inquire about the ole dog to see just what was what?

Sure enough after his last call of the day, the ole dog was still there and still expressing it’s dissatisfaction with it’s current situation. Up to the front porch the salesman went. He said, Excuse me sir, I have been working all day in your little town and I couldn’t help but to notice that your dog would let out a moan ever so often. Now I don’t mean to be rude but is he all rite? Why does he moan like that? The old man said, well if you must know I’ll be glad to tell ya why he does this moaning thing ever once in while. You see I’ve owned this here dog all it’s life. I have also lived in this house long before I got this here dog. Every afternoon me and my friend sit here and catch up on the daily happenings of life here in our sleepy little town. That dog always laid right there in that very spot as long as I can remember, well over time there was a nail that worked it’s way loose and I would beg to gess that there nail is why he moan’s from tome to time. This created an issue for the salesman. I don’t understand sir, if the nail is hurting the dog and it know’s this then why doesn’t it simply get up and move to another spot to lie down? Well that old dog is like most people in this world, they are not happy with their lot in life but instead of doing anything about it they had rather sit around and complain about it then fix it.
The moral of this here story is most people would rather sit and complain then to think for themselves and do something to change the direction that their life is going, hence forth” The ole dog syndrome”

In life, as men and women of this rock we call earth all of us have the power of thought, this power to fix what we don’t like about our life. Yet only a small percentage know of this wonderful power. The mkmma should be a required course early on in life just to enlighten the masses of the wonders that are truly meant to be for those able to see.

Week ?

All this week I have been concentrating on my family in my sits, that all of my intimate conversations with God on this matter will find there way into existence in their lives. It’s like going over to a light switch on the wall and flipping it to the on position. As we have been made aware of with this wonderful journey of self awareness or world with out is the result of our world with in, there in lies the true wisdom of a purposeful life. The ability to think. I find myself  blessed to be where I am at in my hero’s journey. For as long as I can remember I have always asked myself, ” Is this all there is in my life, there has to be more?” As it is written ask and you shall receive. I have asked and I am receiving the blessings for witch was asked. Never before this course and the wisdom brought forth would I have believed this to be so. But upon reflection of life and the words that I chose even back then, I am where I am because that is where I said I would be. Thoughts make your world! Chose wisely…..

Week 17 Life will happen…ready or not.

These last few weeks have had my world in a total tail spin. It all started when my oldest decided  to move out of state for her new career. Now we new this day would come but were we really ready for the distance that now is between us? All of my emotions have been completely out in some place unknown to me as if not even mine at all. Very strange, Well we got her moved and all set up in her hew apt. All is going to plan in her world. And I am at peace, and getting back to my happy place, It’s just that family is a major piece of my world and having one living as far away as she now does…..Well it has been tough, I just love that all is going well and for that I’m glad. Now I can get back to my world.

Week 15 Stranger things have happened, maybe?

I was out and about in my daily doings and I ran into a man that I went to high school with whom I hadn’t seen in years. It was near lunch time and he asked if he could buy me lunch and just visit? So since he was determined to buy I told him what ever he was hungry for I was in. He smiled and said cool lets go. So I followed him. We ended up at a place called Love Sushi. Now I had never, and never really considered eating at a place of this nature. But he’s picking and he’s paying so ,well a deal is a deal, rite? After he ordered a few beers for us and I returned from the restroom he began to ask all the small talk questions about life, family, job and the likes. We got caught up to speed on life and how things were going, both his and mine and how much things had changed since he had moved out of state. Then he asked if he could tell me something that he had picked up from some of the guys that still live here in town, Sure I said what ever you have been hearing, just consider the source and go from there, deal? This man had other business in town other then to look up an old running buddy and had been back home many times before this. And had never taken the time to look me up so I had to ask, Why did you take the time to look me up now, I’m glad you did but what’s up? He went on to tell me how most of the people we went to school with whom still live in the area had a very different view of the person he had been visiting with over lunch and how he couldn’t believe what they were telling him with out seeing it for himself, hence him looking me up and inviting me to lunch. I had to laugh a bit to this. I said well was it worth the price of lunch? YES, most certainly. Had I not seen for myself I would never believe you are the man that I ran with back in the day. After we were finished with lunch, out side and getting ready to leave he noticed all of my info in the front seat and asked whats all of this? I told him that is the key to what ever he wanted in life. He had picked up some of my index cards and read a few. He wound up coming over to my place for a few hrs, well he stayed till 11:30pm. He couldn’t get enough of “What I had stumbled up on” and ask if he could copy some of my notes? Not a chance, there not for sale, and I explained how the p-i-f system works and where he needed to go to gain this priceless info. The next day he calls, again to try once more to just get a few key pieces of info. I again told him where and who to look for to get the secrets he wished to obtain. He then told me how impressed he was of his old friend and how he too would have this info in time and become the man that he had lunch with, A man with sunshine in his eyes with the never ending smile.

Week 14 ????

On our video for week 14 we were to watch one of four movies, I chose cool runnings and although I had viewed this movie before it was as if I was watching it for the first time. When you are the observer with no real opinion, just to observe. Things look and fell different to me now. It’s like I’m in constant observe mode. I observe, determine if it’s good or otherwise and smile and simply go on with my predetermined action. As it has been said if it doesn’t take away from someone else’s good, then fair game. I watched a documentary of nature about swarming creatures that I found great interest in. The first one they talked about was how the monarc butterflies make their way to Mexico every fall and this rang a bell for me. They described how they would make their way back to North America. the show talked about ants, fish,bats and such and how even though there might be as many as thousands all together that the whole group seamed to think as one. The sardines would pool together for safety. Strength in numbers. This drives home that we are all made of the same substance. We are one with our creator. All of the world with out is of the same. All of these insects, fish, birds masterminding, knowingly or not? Instinct or thought? Something had to have a hand in it, GOD maybe? So much intricate happenings and yet as simple as the atom, just makes one think how small our world really is.

Week 13 Smiles

The holiday time of year is a favorite for me. As I go about and observe the kindness that seems to pour out freely it gives hope that man is still good at heart if he chooses to be. I enjoy the smiles the most and wonder what little thought induced the act? And for this, the smile is kept and given on and on. This one act I wish I could track from start to finish, even just once. How cool would it be to see how many lives were affected by this simple selfless act. I am not for sure but I believe this is one act that is perceived the same way in every country of the world. This act is one that pays-it-forward upon the first giver to when ever it stops, or does it stop at all? I believe the smile is one of unconditional love. For when it is given only the one receiving it gets to apply the meaning from which it will carry. And when they give it to some one else, the cycle continues. I give to all I encounter unconditional love with a simple smile! I truly feel the smile can fix the things that most people are unaware of, for it is law.