Week 23….Power-of-the-Hours???

Over the last few weeks with the silence, observing from the side lines and clearing of the mental chatter life has/is a much happier place for me and the ones I love. Up on the start of this course all the people in my house was looking at me thinking I had lost my marbles, but over the time that has been invested, the results speak for them selves when your kids and spouse start to sit in on a webinar with you. They ask that you put it on the main TV in your house so everybody can watch. This is a humbling experience. To go from the crazy one to “Family time” I don’t have words to describe the emotions felt. Then at random times through the week, the questions they ask about the previous webbie. This tells me that they were listening and that thoughts are still on the material that was covered. Priceless!!! The impact of the MKMMA, the team and all involved……Prayers to all Thank you.


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