Week 22a Life as it CAN be, if you let it!!!

The planing of my “Quiet time” was the focus for the week. I realized that it would happen after getting all of my bases covered on the home front for 48 hours. Then and only then would I only have to deal with me. No one but me, and I begin to get really excited. You see I had got the keys to a buddies cabin at a near by lake where only he myself and of course my wife would know where I was for this time period. The kids knew that I would be out of reach” Off the grid” if you will. All was prepared, I was off to what was to turn out to be one of the most moving emotional times to date of my life. At first complete silence to be had at all times, Done! My reading material in check, Done! All food for the duration had been purchased and ready to go. On my way out of town I stopped and said my fair wells to my bride at her work, little did I know she had shared what I was up to with her team and they were a little more than curious to why I would be doing what I was doing.Going off to be all alone with myself for 2 days. Now these people already had an idea that I was crazy and this would only drive this opinion to new heights! When asked I only smiled and left to be on my way. It was killing these people not to know what was going on.
Upon getting to cabin all was in order for my me time. I walked up on the front porch, looked around at all to see. The wild life stirring around doing what they do, undesturbbed by anyone other than other wild life. There on the front porch was a swinging chair, so here I would sit first. I sat down, closed my eyes and just let my mind wonder, reflect on all that is good. All that has transpired over the last many weeks of my world upon entering the MKMMA course. This was awesome!!! To be quiet in the woods all alone with my best friends. ME, MYSELF and I!! My own personal escape. I sat there , eyes closed for what seamed like a few mins. I had gotten to the cabin at 1:30 pm. I had noticed that my back side had fallen to sleep and went numb for lack of movement when I returned from my sit, it was almost dark. What I had thought to be mins. was literally hours. After getting the feeling back to my legs  I unpacked my car and started to fix a bit to eat. After eating I finished my reading for the day and fell asleep. I woke up right around day break and went for a walk by the lake. After walking for some time I managed to find my next local to enjoy my oneness. This time I would focus my thought on my future self, get to know him a little more intimate. By the time I came back from my euphoric experience there on that rock, lake side I was more than hungry. I chose to not bring a time piece, only my compass so I had no idea what time it was. I headed back to the cabin to eat, never even looking at the time upon returning. Eat, read, take a nap, excellent plan. Sleeping for awhile recharged my batteries ready for more reflecting. This time was devoted to complete observation of all to be. The lake, a turtle swimming around. The trees, and all the squirls running amuck. The wind blowing the leaves. Just every thing. I  went and read for a bit fell asleep while reading. Upon waking in the am I packed up and headed home completely renewed from my 2 days in the silence. I will be making this a routine in my life from now on. You can only expireance some thing like  this in person, and I highly recommend it. YOU WILL BE A CHANGED PERSON!!


6 thoughts on “Week 22a Life as it CAN be, if you let it!!!

  1. Leroy, your excursion into the silence sounded relaxing and profound. My 48 hours was somewhat remarkable, too. My blog reflects my unusual results. Congrats! I know thur my journey based upon your words that a return is in the making.


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