Week 22 How is “Your World Doing?”

The silence of my world with the “sit ” (ok many sits, daily) is priceless to me. Never in my life would I have ever thought that by simply getting off to myself for at least 15-20 mins. through out my day would have such an impact on me, my work, my out look on all that surrounds, all that matters. There has been times when I went for my sit thinking I was all alone, only to open my eyes to see my beautiful bride sitting across from me, or one of my kids. I have to admit the first time that this happened I about crapped myself. Almost like an invasion of my sacred time, my space and yet they didn’t disturb or interrupt my being. Just calmly sat there and waited for me to open my eyes. They teased me at first, don’t disturb him when he is like that for he may not return to us, ha ha. But as time and the master key way of life has taken hold on our family I have found that all of my decorating and redecorating of our house over the several months has come to not only be excepted but appreciated. When I first put up all the shapes, poster’s and everything else (although I had told them of what was to happen with my decorating and all) they thought I had lost what little mind I had and would be inquiring about me endlessly. I would simply smile and reassure them I am doing fine, just part of my course no need to worry. But over the time of this course, the questions that all have asked about this and that, can you really just spend focused time and thought on something and make things happen. A very wise team has said, ” The best influence is no influence! I smile and go on about life and observe my family gaining life lessons of priceless value. Although this was never so apparent as upon our last redecorating and I took all ” Art-of-life” from the walls and simply left them down for the rest of the day, just to see what, if any one would notice?

I was in fixing dinner that evening and everyone started to get home from their day. I didn’t even get dinner completed and all the natives had already had their secret meeting( or so they thought it was secret, they got to quite and disappeared for a few mins) then all came to the kitchen to inquire. First they sent in my granddaughter to break the ice, she is 6 years old mind you, she asked, ” papa where did all of your pretty pictures go, I really like your pictures and mommy and grandma and aunt Chelsea and aunt Alicia want to know if your alright, are you alright papa? I hadn’t laughed so hard in many years, everybody came in we all laughed for a while, had a great dinner and yes after dinner all of the “Art-of-life” as they have dubbed it was rehung in there proper places around the house. We never know the impact we have on our world, our family on their lives, never take this lightly my friends. We are all GREAT miracles.

Dream big dreams and let your light shine beyond it’s limitations!!


9 thoughts on “Week 22 How is “Your World Doing?”

  1. Awesome story! My family thinks I am crazy also, but they were somewhat used to me have pics of my goals all over the house. Now, silly color shapes. That’s ok. Let them think of us as crazy as we peacefully tackle life!

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    • My wife and kids viewed my life as only a dream life, as only I could participate in until the MKMMA course came about. Now they are beginning to understand more how my (our) world came about and enjoying the discovery!


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