Week 21 Miracles everywhere!!

Miracles are happening everywhere all around us yet most people do not get to see these wonderful happenings, to simply notice all the beauty that is the world in which we live. They are so rapped up with life as they know it that all goes unseen. These are the same people that will cast judgement on people that seem to be just high on life, that notice and appreciate everything in their world, that are truly grateful for merely there feet hitting the floor one more time. I have learned that those who do not understand you will judge you and that is Ok. They simply don’t know what they don’t know, life is funny like that. In the beginning of this course many people asked me why I was so excited about an online course of which I truly had very little knowledge of and what could one course really do for me that I hadn’t been able to find else where? Fast forward to present day, upon meeting those same people and talking briefly they typically make comments like there’s something different about you! I ask, “What could you mean by that?” They make some comment, I smile as always and I leave them wondering. Only a few have had the need to call and pursuit the matter further. They call and say, I just have to know what it is that has given you the ability to move beyond where you were. You seam fearless, confident and so sure of yourself that it doesn’t matter what people say or do to you, you seam to never miss a beat. I tell them when you are given the key to your world and put forth the necessary efforts, whole heartedly with the faith that you have infinite power and possibility to create what ever it is that you want in life as long as it is good and doesn’t take away from others, then who is there to tell you that you can’t have other then you. Only a few people can wrap there head around this one and truly get it, they are the one’s that get the link to the MKMMA for next year! Thank you all!!



5 thoughts on “Week 21 Miracles everywhere!!

  1. James it is inspiring to read about your progress and CHANGE!…Metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly!—–Also fantastic is that your sharing the “love” with others.


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