Week 20 Time?

The daily reading of at least one obituary a day makes one stop and take notice at how each simple moment in time is to say the least it’s own unique gift to all. As it says in og how no one can bank today and with draw it on the morrow. And yet the masses seem to feel that it is an endless stream, only to find that to much was wasted on things of very little substance, if any real substance at all. I witnessed this first hand by reading two obits of individuals I used to work with who died within 3 weeks of each other. The first I worked with in my department, he was 48 and died of an aneurysm in  his sleep. The second was 36, died at his home from undisclosed information. Having known both of these men some what well it hits one right in the gut. Time waits for no man/woman. Use this none renewable substance to the fullest extent each and every day for no one is guaranteed another. The scroll we are in drives this home many times a day. It has been said that most men die at 25 but don’t enter back to dust until around 70. Are you living life or just going through the motions? Just some thing to think about.


6 thoughts on “Week 20 Time?

  1. I had a similar experience with our family. My cousin was with us at Thanksgiving last year and gone by mid January. She had an aneurysm and passed away 3 days later. Tomorrow is never promised. I will live this day as if it were my last.


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